Organising your trip to Laka Lodge is easy
We will advise and assist you whenever you need!

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01. Choose your dates

Exploring the beauty of Moheli and its rich sea life can be easily done any time of the year.

The Humpback Whales ànd Manta rays arrive around July and stay until early November. Giant Green Turtles and Livingstone bats can be seen all year round.

January-March can be rainy some days. April to July are fresher months but still warm enough to swim. December is warmer, ideal for idling on the beach and snorkelling in our lagoon.

02. Write us an email to

Based on your dates, the choice of accommodation and the other services you would like to book, we will send you detailed quote by email together with plenty of information for your trip.

03. Book your local flights and transfers

We can assist you with booking and purchasing your local flights. Once you arrive in Moheli, we will be waited for by our driver at the airport.

You will certainly enjoy your first impressive views of the Indian Ocean and our uninhabited isles. The trip to Laka Lodge will take about one hour and a half, including some photo-stops you would like to make. To cross by boat from one island to the other, please consult the below information.

04. Stay in Moroni

If here is no direct flight connection to your international flight on arrival or departure we can assist you to organise your transfers and accommodation in Moroni and make your transfer trouble-free.

05. Need more answers?

In case you need to know more or have special requests please write to us at

Useful information

The exact times of departure vary and should be consulted before each flight. Laka Lodge can assist you with booking and purchasing the tickets of your domestic flights. Write us an email on to request more information and eventually attach your international flight times.

Full advance payment is required. We apply a service fee of 10€ per ticket. We cannot take any responsibility for flight cancellations or delays. Booking and paying the tickets well in advance is necessary to benefit from the lowest fares and because the flight are often fully booked.

Some airlines have also flights to Tanzania, Madagascar and La Réunion.

For flights from and to Mayotte contact AB Aviation, Inter Iles Air or Ewa Air.

With AB Aviation you can book and pay online. Have your passport ready because you have to insert the passport number of each passenger.

You will receive your e-tickets by email. A flight Grande Comores/Moroni (HAH) - Mohéli (NWA) comes at about 100€.

Contact details
MORONI +269 773 95 70 +269 328 69 69
AEROPORT HAHAYA +269 7751038 +269 3248517
MOHELI +269 7721455 +269 3404669 +269 3320837
ANJOUAN +269 7710459 +269 3446979
MAYOTTE +262 639 658486 Fax +262 269 601065

AB Aviation published the following flight schedule in June 2018:
Grande Comore (HAH) – Moheli (NWA)
Day 1/2/3/4/5/6/7: 1000-1025

Moheli (NWA) - Grande Comore (HAH)
Day 1/4/5/6/7: 1600-1630
Day 2/3: 1100-1125

Mayotte-Dzaoudzi (DZA) - Moheli (NWA)
Day 1/4/5/6/7: 1500-1530

Moheli (NWA) – Mayotte-Dzaoudzi (DZA)
Day 1/4/5/6/7: 1000-1130

(1=Monday … 7=Sunday)

Inter Iles Air usually has daily flights to Moheli from Grande Comore (HAH) and also three times per week (1/3/5) a flight between Mayotte (DZA) and Moheli (NWA).

Tickets must be booked and purchased locally. Flight schedules not available on line.

Contact details
MOHELI +269 772 12 21, +269 332 00 11
MORONI +269 773 89 56
ANJOUAN +269 771 00 03
MAYOTTE +262 269 60 21 21
+262 639 09 02 57 (agence Mamoudzou)
+262 639 69 73 62 (agence aéroport)

A recently established new airline is Air Ylang. Flight schedules are not yet published. Contact the airline directly on +269 7732929 or write to

Aéroport Dzaoudzi (Mayotte)
+269 269 64 63 00

There are several possibilities how to get to Comoros and Moheli. A number of airlines provide connections from Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

From Europe, KLM and Air France serve Moroni in cooperation with Kenya Airways via Nairobi from/to London-LHR, Paris-CDG and Amsterdam-AMS .

Ethiopian Airlines offers reliable and easy connection from many European capitals over its hub in Addis Abeba-ADD to and from Grande Comore-Moroni (HAH).

Air Austral has regular flights between several French cities to Mayotte (DZA), La Réunion (RUN) and Grande Comore-Moroni (HAH).

FlySax operates flights between Nairobi/Mombassa and Moroni (HAH).

You may also opt to cross to or from Moheli by boat. The 2 hours ride is a bit more adventurous but when the weather is good and the see calm, it is a magnificent experience. When we have a least two paying passengers we will make sure you can disembark or depart directly from our beach. Let us know well in advance. You will need to send us a copy of your passports to allow us to request for a special authorisation from the local authorities.

Villa Saifoudine: 40€/night B&B DBL; 30€ B&B SGL – no alcoholic beverages – restaurant Le Select close by – town centre – calm. Free Wifi.
Le Kalyptus (Facebook) 60€-70€-90€/night B&B SGL and 70€-80€-100€/night B&B DBL – no alcoholic beverages. Nice view on forest and garden area. Good restaurant. Wifi available.
Jardin de la Paix 40 €/night B&B – centre of town; good restaurant; Wifi available.
Golden Tulip Itsandra Hotel**** 165€/night B&B – 5km for centre – small private beach. Free Wifi.
Hotel Le Retaj*** 100€/night B&B - no alcoholic beverages – 3km from centre – pool – sea side – no beach. Free Wifi.
Motelami – at HAH/Moroni airport; across the road at the entry gate. Manager: Monsieur “Papa” - phone +2697635639. Email: Mdahoma Papa - 30€ or 35€ for a DBL in B&B depending on the room size. The rooms are relatively small and beds are only 110cm wide which means it’s not easy to fit with two. Has a restaurant which is useful when waiting for your departing flight. Free Wifi.
Villa Jessica 75€/night B&B DBL ; 65€/night B&B SGL – restaurants at walking distance – AC – free Wifi – excellent price-quality.

Where to stay in Moroni - our suggestions

For a firm booking we require a 50% deposit to be made by bank transfer at the time of booking. The balance can be settled by bank transfer, latest 2 weeks before your arrival, and otherwise you can pay this locally but only in cash or with a VISA card.

When we are booking and purchasing your tickets for your local flights, the total amount for the tickets must be paid in advance. Most of our guests prefer to pay the total expected cost in advance, including excursions and extras, in order not to have to travel with cash.

At the lodge we accept cash payments either in Euros or Comorian Francs (KMF). There is no reliable ATM in Mohéli. It is possible to pay the balance at the lodge with your VISA card (no other card types work) + 3.5% processing fee. You can change euros in the hotel or in small shops in Moheli for EUR1=KMF490. The rate of the Comorian Franc is fixed to the euro.

Advance payment for accommodation and activities at Laka Lodge will be reimbursed by us, minus bank transfer charges, in cases of “force majeure” (cancellation of flight, serious illness, etc.). Unfortunately, domestic flight tickets are theoretically not reimbursable nor modifiable. We will also try our best to help you with the local airlines.

The transport on the island is limited. Public transport is not regular. Only a handful of taxis are available on the island. Moheli Laka Lodge will arrange your airport transfers and tours of the island.

Free internet connection, only for clients, in the restaurant area.

The Comoros islands experience two seasons that do not differ too much from each other, a warmer and rainier season from November to May and a fresher and drier one from June to October.

All year-round temperatures vary between 25°C and 32°C. During the rainy season rains may appear but generally do not last more than an hour. February is generally rainier.

By clicking on the image below, you can check the current weather in Nioumachoua.

Click for Moroni, Comoros Forecast

Entry visa are available on arrival at the airport for EUR30 and is valid for 45 days. Bring cash, preferably euros. Children under 16 should not pay for a visa. Your passports should be valid for at least six months after your date of entry.

The currency in the Comoros is the Comorian Franc (KMF) which is linked to the euro at a fixed rate of EUR1=KMF491.968. You can easily change cash euros (up to EUR100 bills) in shops at a rate of EUR1=KMF490. In Moheli, it is not possible to use credit cards, get money at an ATM or pay by bank check. At the lodge we accept payments with a valid VISA card (+3.5% processing fee) or cash euro. Payments in US Dollars are possible too however the exchange rate can differ from daily bank rates. We cannot accept payments in other currencies.

Summer clothes are recommended all year round. Outside of the hotel area it is advised to wear adapted clothing in accordance to local customs. For men and well as women it would be expected to wear pants or a longer skirt and cover shoulders. Short sleeves are accepted.

Mohéli is home to a colourful, vibrant, and conservative traditional culture. In order to show respect to our local hosts, and to earn their respect in return, when travelling in the Comoros please avoid public displays of affection and dress in conservative manner.

Laka Lodge is home to one of the only private beaches in the Comoros, therefore on our private beach and in the boat for marine excursions, wearing bikinis and western-style swimwear is possible. When walking in the village or on the public beach, please wear at least a shirt with sleeves and trousers, a skirt, or a wrap. Local women usually wear a shawl or scarf to cover their head or wrap around their shoulders.

Demonstrating respect for their traditions is a fun component of your ecotourism experience and will earn you a deeper level of trust and connection during your interactions with the wonderful Comorian people.

It is advised to take malaria prevention medication. Use DEET based repellent from sunset when you are outside and wear long sleeves and cotton pants or skirts. Moheli however has a very low rate of prevalence of Malaria. Use a strong sun screen during the day, factor 30 or 50 is advisable.

The national language is Comorian. The official language is French. English is not common.