Diving at Moheli Laka Lodge

  • Mohéli Laka Lodge Diving is the first dive operator on the island to have discovered the superb underwater world that surrounds Mohéli. Since we started our exploration in 2013 we have identified many sites and there are still many more to discover on the vast reef of the Moheli National Park. We offer supervised dives for certified divers and baptisms throughout the year, as well as IANTD certification courses. You can do two dives a day, possibly including one at night.

    The dives are exceptionally beautiful in Moheli.

    Indeed, these are systematically carried out along magnificent drop-offs made up of coral fields as far as the eye can see. Turtles, Rays, Sharks, Moray Eels, Barracudas, Triggerfish and thousands of other species inhabiting coral reefs are not exceptional in our waters. Furthermore ! Between 2 dives, we often do the surface interval on one of the beaches of our magnificent uninhabited islets. This adds to our outings a unique and very exotic experience.

    Do you want to come and dive with us in this unique and heavenly place? Nothing's easier !! Book your diving stay now at the following address: info@lakalodge.com.

    We will inform you of availability. Do not hesitate to let us know if you wish to rent equipment from us so that we can reserve it for you.

  • Our moto : Security first !

    This is why you will be asked upon your arrival to present your certificate as well as your diving insurance number (mandatory). You will also receive a medical questionnaire.

    We offer all levels of diving courses, including Discover Scuba Diving and specialties up to the first level of professional diving (Divemaster). During your course you’ll be covered automatically by our diving insurance.

    A “reactivate” dive must be done if you have not dived for 2 years.

    Peter, our IANTD instructor and manager of the Diving Center will answer any questions you may have about your diving stay in our little paradise.

    You can possibly take out insurance with DAN online and on site.

    (USA et Canada or Europe).

    Magic Rocks

    Depth: 15-35m
    Distance: 5’
    Level: 1 to 2

    Our most frequently dived dive site, Magic Rocks, earns its name from the two enormous coral covered bommies home to myriad of marine species. This protected dive site has a sandy area where students can refresh their skills, shallow reef ideal for snorkellers and a drop off to 20m for the more confident divers.

    Located just a 10-minute boat ride away from Laka Lodge, its proximity to a beach allows divers to explore one of the uninhabited islands during their surface interval, look out and learn for nesting turtle tracks and maybe even spot a hatchling emergence. While usually there is no current, 20m visibility, occasional a light flow turns this relaxed site into a mild drift dive. Mantis shrimp, Green Turtles, Hawksbill Turtles, Lionfish and even a Sail Fish have been spotted here.

    This is also the dive site most regularly used for night dive, where the Magic Rocks truly come alive. Cuttlefish, sleeping turtles, Cleaner shrimp, Ornate lobsters, Sponge crabs, Decorator Crabs, Spanish Dancers, Saddle Shrimps, Sleeping Parrot Fish and Slipper Lobsters. It’s the time of the crustaceans!

    Bird island Mchaco

    Depth: 10-40 m
    Distance: day excursion
    Difficulty: 4-5/5

    Mchaco, or the bird island, a huge white tainted rock in the middle of the ocean is an exceptional site of the marine park laying at eastern tip of the island and giving way to the open seas of the Indian Ocean. It is populated by plenty of sea birds nesting in and around it.

    During the dive we will come across harmless white tip reef sharks and grey sharks, Napoleons and many schools of Tuna, Trevally and Barracuda. The coral that grows on its rocky surface is mostly populated by colourful fish: coachmen fish, parrot fish, wrasses, fusiliers, etc. Strong currents make this dive technically challenging.

    The abundance of life and the average depth also makes it a difficult dive because you will have to pay attention to air consumption and decompression parameters. Combined with observing the giant green turtle laying eggs at night, this diving excursion is certainly a must in Moheli.

    Laka Lodge Reef

    Depth: 2 -20m
    Distance: 5'
    Difficulty: 1/5

    Opposite the hotel, a meadow covered with algae and small corals extends until the first descending plateau. Morning and evening, turtles come to eat there in the middle of schools of surgeons, scorpion fish, bat fish and coachmen fish. At night, the tray is filled with an abundant and varied life of crustaceans, molluscs, octopuses, squid and others who share the space with the most unusual species such as crocodile fish, conger or fork beards.

    At the descent we will meet turtles resting, the strangely looking camouflage crab and all sorts of gripper or shells that will delight photographers. Life is so present that you will need to be wary of uncontrolled contact with the reef as it is not uncommon to see road scorpion fish including the poisonous stone fish.

    Undoubtedly, you will not be bored on the house reef.

    Laka Lodge ReefUltramarina

    Our partner Ultramarina is the biggest travel agency for diving in Europe.

    Ultramarina can also organise your entire diving adventure to Laka Lodge, including international and domestic flights, transfers and overlays, full board accommodation, diving package, insurance, etc.

    France: info@ultramarina.com
    Tel: +33 240 89 34 44
    Switzerland: geneva@ultramarina.com
    Tel: +41 22 786 14 86
    Belgium: info@ocean-voyages.be
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    Laka Lodge Reef Mohéli, Jardin des Comores by Patrick Masse


    Scuba diving


    • Individual item hire: wetsuit, regulator, BCD, torch, etc.
    • All Scuba Diving gear: mask, snorkel, fins, BCD, wetsuit, regulator and safety equipment
    • Supplement for distant diving sites applicable
    • Supplement for single diver
    • For dive training and rental of equipment contact us before arrival by email on info@lakalodge.com
    • Certification courses (IANTD)

    We organize two dives per day of which possibly one evening/night dive. Night dives are of an exceptional beauty, however incur a small surcharge.

    To guarantee availability, dives and the rental of equipment need to be booked in advance.

    A valid scuba diving insurance is mandatory apart from those subscribing to a certification course. You can eventually subscribe a DAN insurance before your arrival (USA and Canada or Europe). Certified divers will need to present their certification cards and insurance.

    IANTD certification courses up to Divemaster level to be booked in advance.

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