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Nioumachoua Reef

Depth: 15-35m
Distance: 5’
Level: 3 to 4/5

Located in front of the village of Nioumachoua this reef is formed by a series of coral fingers each of which has different characteristics. With sometimes strong currents this dive is sometime difficult and the starting point will always be chosen upstream.

The dive will start at a plateau of large coral heads descending on a sandy bottom at 30 to 40m depth where you will observe plenty Scorpios and Mantis in small cavities. The ascent begins along the walls covered with encrusting coral and gorgonians that hide many lobsters.

Turning from behind a rock, green and hawksbill turtles will let themselves be surprised. The schools of fusiliers and large sweetlips grouper give way to the passing-by tuna. The dive ends on the shelf with a coral garden where one can quietly make safety stops while watching the moray eels, octopus or crabs.