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Mchaco Bird Island

Depth: 10-40 m
Distance: day excursion
Difficulty: 4-5/5

Mchaco, or the bird island, a huge white tainted rock in the middle of the ocean is an exceptional site of the marine park laying at eastern tip of the island and giving way to the open seas of the Indian Ocean. It is populated by plenty of sea birds nesting in and around it.

During the dive we will come across harmless white tip reef sharks and grey sharks, Napoleons and many schools of Tuna, Trevally and Barracuda. The coral that grows on a rocky bottom is mostly populated by colourful fish: coachmen fish, parrot fish, wrasses, fusiliers, etc. Strong currents make this dive technically challenging.

The abundance of life and the average depth also makes it a difficult dive because you will have to pay attention to air consumption and decompression parameters. Combined with observing at night the giant green turtle laying eggs at night, this diving excursion is certainly a must in Moheli.