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The Comoros experience two seasons that do not differ too much from each other, a warmer and rainier season from November to May and a fresher and drier one from June to October. All year round temperatures vary between 25°C and 32°C. During the rainy season rains may appear but generally do not last more than an hour. February is generally rainier. By clicking on the image below, you can check the current weather in Moroni.
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The national language is Comorian. The official language is French.

The population is mixed of Arabic, African, Malgasy and Indian.

The currency in the Comoros is the Comorian Franc (KMF) which is linked to the euro at a fixed rate of EUR1=KMF491.968. You can easily change cash euros (up to EUR100 bills) in shops at a rate of EUR1=KMF490. In Moheli, it is not possible to use credit cards, get money at an ATM or pay by bank check. At the lodge we accept payments with a valid VISA card (+3.5% processing fee) or cash euro. Payments in US Dollars are possible too however the exchange rate can differ from daily bank rates. We cannot accept payments in other currencies.

Entry visa are available on arrival at the airport for EUR30 and is valid for 45 days. Children under 16 should not pay for a visa.

Summer clothes are recommended all year round.

It is advised to take drugs against malaria. Use DEET based repellent and sun screen during the day.