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Diving at Laka Lodge, Moheli

For divers there are only few places left in the world awaiting to be discovered. The Island of Moheli is one of these. Located in the centre of the Marine Park of Moheli spanning over 400km² of coral reef and sand banks, Laka Lodge Diving invites you to be one of the first to experience a unique dive.

The vast Marine Park of Moheli was created in 2001 and covers the entire Southern coats of the island. Its isobathic depth of 100m presents an enormous potential of diving sites still to be discovered.

Laka Lodge Diving is the first to systematically explore the diving sites to identify different species that are present. We explored a large number of very attractive diving sites to be able to offer different dives at different levels of technical skills.

Come and discover the natural wealth of quiet Moheli!

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